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Slaying the badger

The Tour de France is renowned for its chaos and drama. But no other Tour has quite compared to what played out in 1986. That year witnessed a show-stopping rivalry that had spectators across the world agog.

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Greg LeMond, 'L'Americain': fresh-faced, prodigious newcomer. This is supposed to be his year. Bernard Hinault, 'The Badger': aggressive, headstrong, five-time winner of the Tour. He has pledged his unwavering support to his team mate, LeMond. The team is everything in cycling, so the world watches, stunned, as LeMond and Hinault's explosive rivalry plays out over three high-octane weeks. "Slaying the Badger" relives the adrenaline and agony as LeMond battles to become the first American to win the Tour, with the Badger relentlessly on the attack. This title includes brand new material for the paperback.

Greg LeMond , a fresh-faced and mercurial youngster, dubbed 'L'Américain', was a naïve Tour newbie. Frenchman Bernard 'The Badger' Hinault was five times winner and as tough as old boots.

Though polar opposites, they were both fiercely competitive, both equally brilliant. So why was the world shocked that they were at each other's throats? They were meant to be team-mates.

Their explosive rivalry broke every rule in the book. No one wins the Tour single-handed; out there your team counts for everything. After his previous year's win Hinault had pledged his absolute support for LeMond, but as 1986 the Tour circled France, his constant attacks on his team-mate seemed like cold-blooded sabotage.

Why was Hinault putting LeMond in jeopardy? Would he crack under the pressure? Something sinister was going on, but no one knew quite what.

Slaying the Badger relives the adrenaline, the agony, the camaraderie, the betrayals, and the pure exhilaration of that epic year, as the biggest conundrum of Tour history is finally laid bare.

Richard Moore
Vintage Publishing - Yellow Jersey Press
Fecha publicación
09 Jul 2012


Richard Moore (1973) es un periodista escocés que antes de juntar letras llegó a representar a Escocia como ciclista en unos Juegos de la Commonwealth en 1998. Por ello, su carrera profesional se ha centrado posteriormente en el ciclismo y también con intensidad en el atletismo. Es uno de los periodistas deportivos más respetados del Reino Unido, habiendo firmado artículos en medios como The Guardian, Sunday Times, The Scotsman, The Herald o medios especializados como Rouleur Magazine.

Su primer libro llegó en 2008 con In Search of Robert Millar, que ganó el premio a la mejor biografía en los “British Sports Books Awards”. Le han seguido otros libros de ciclismo y atletismo como Heroes, Villains & Velodromes: Chris Hoy and Britain's Track Cycling Revolution (2008), Slaying the Badger: LeMond, Hinault and the Greatest Ever Tour de France (2011), Étape: The Untold Stories of the Tour de France's Defining Stages (2014) o The Bolt Supremacy: Inside Jamaica's Sprint Factory (2015).

Su único libro traducido hasta ahora al castellano era Sky´s the Limit. Sky, el límite es el cielo que publicamos el 2013.

Actualmente codirige junto a Lionel Birnie y Daniel Friebe, el conocido podcast sobre ciclismo Cycling Podcast (www.thecyclingpodcast.com).




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