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Butcher, Blacksmith, Acrobat, Sweep: The Tale of the First Tour de France Inglés 9780224100656 Peter Cossins
Indurain. Relentless Inglés 9781785032059 Alasdair Fotheringham
Higher Calling: Road Cycling´s Obsession with the Mountains Inglés 978-0224100380 Max Leonard
Soigneur 17 Inglés Soigneur 17
Cyclepedia: A Tour of Iconic Bicycle Designs Inglés 9780500515587 Michael Embacher
Soigneur 16 Inglés Soigneur 16
Shadows on the Road Inglés 978-0571297726 Michael Barry
The Yellow Jersey Club Inglés 9780552171052 Edward Pickering
The Science of the Tour de France. Training secrets of the world’s best cyclists Inglés 9781472921703 James Witts
Inside Team Sky Inglés 9781471133336 David Walsh
Reckless. The Life and Times of Luis Ocaña Inglés 978-1408845905 Alasdair Fotheringham
The Great Bike Race Inglés 9781911162025  Geoffrey Nicholson
Soigneur 15 Inglés Soigneur 15
24,00 €

The Tale of the First Tour de France. For the first time, the full story behind the creation of the Tour de France and the remarkable first edition of the race in 1903.

18,25 €

In Indurain, Alasdair Fotheringham gets to the heart of this enigmatic character, reliving his historic accomplishments in vibrant colour, and exploring how this shaped the direction taken by generations of Spanish racers - raising Spanish sport to a whole new level.

12,75 €

The Velominati embrace cycling as a way of life, as obsessed with style, heritage, authenticity, and wisdom as with performance. This is their bible.

18,25 €

Stories of the toughest cyclists of all time, told by The Velominati, originators of The Rules.

24,75 €

Many books tell you where the mountains are, or how long and how high. None of them ask ‘Why?’

Why do road cyclists go to the mountains?

22,00 €

The Giro d'Italia is the cooler, tougher brother of the Tour de France. First staged in 1909, and only pausing for two World Wars, its hundredth edition takes place in 2017.

16,50 €

This is our first publication in 2017, consisting of 208 pages filled with stories and pictures that express our love of cycling.

50,24 €

Greg LeMond is America’s only recognized Tour de France winner, yet his three Tour victories tell only part of his story. LeMond changed cycling more than any other rider in the history of the sport.

30,25 €

Cyclepedia is a superbly-photographed celebration of the best bicycles designed over the past 90 years. Gift book, reference, inspiration, fun, Cyclepedia will inspire lust and envy in bike nuts, commuting cyclists and design aesthetes everywhere.

16,50 €

This is our second publication in 2016, consisting of 208 pages filled with stories and pictures that express our love of cycling.

14,25 €

Volume three of the autobiographies of Michael Barry, author of Inside the Postal Bus and Le Métier

15,26 €

A colouring book full of the glorious sights and scenes that make up the Tour de France – the perfect souvenir and prize-winning present for the cycling aficionado

17,50 €

The Yellow Jersey Club contains just twenty-six living members. To become one of this exclusive number requires complete dedication, brutal self-sacrifice and the most extraordinary physical attributes. Yet along with the ability to climb mountains, bomb along time trials and survive all the perils of the road, what really makes a Tour de France champion?

26,75 €

The perfect gift or self-purchase for any cyclist, The Bike Deconstructed analyses the modern road bicycle by looking at its constituent parts.

The Science of the Tour de France. Training secrets of the world’s best cyclists Inglés 9781472921703 James Witts
27,08 € 28,50 €

Training secrets of the world’s best cyclists. Take an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to create a world-class cyclist.

13,75 €
7,99 €

Repaso a la trayectoria de Monsieur Crono, uno de los mitos del ciclismo francés y mundial.

El primer corredor en conseguir cinco victorias en la general del Tour de Francia.

15,00 €
29,75 €

The End of the Road is the first English-language book to provide in-depth analysis and a colourful evocation of the tumultuous events during the 1998 Tour. Alasdair Fotheringham uncovers, step by step, how the world's biggest bike race sank into a nightmarish series of scandals that left the sport on its knees. He explores its long-term consequences – and what, if any, lessons were learned. 

46,75 €

A visual celebration of cycling presented through the passions and personal memorabilia of beloved menswear fashion designer Paul Smith.


15,00 €

This is the first ever biography in English of 'the Spanish Merckx' who remains one of the most fascinating Tour de France champions.

20,50 €

The classic, acclaimed book that introduced a nation to the Tour de France

16,50 €

Soigneur Cycling Journal 15 is our brand new English edition with 216 pages of articles and photos celebrating cycling culture worldwide.

17,60 €

The Secret Race is the book that rocked the world of professional cycling—and exposed, at long last, the doping culture surrounding the sport and its most iconic rider, Lance Armstrong. Former Olympic gold medalist Tyler Hamilton was once one of the world’s top-ranked cyclists—and a member of Lance Armstrong’s inner circle. 

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